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Things guys does that ladies love

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Well, On the contrary, a guy doesn’t have to overdo or do much before a girl fall for him, all, here are the simplest but irresistible things we discovered that attract the attention of ladies.

Glancing : 

When a guy glances at girl and he’s not afraid to take his eyes off her after she caught him looking at her, ladies love that sh*ts cause it makes them feel his confidence.

When he’s not afraid of telling her anything :

This make the lady feels like he’s ready to confide in her, trust her and ready to share any secrets with her, this also make her feel she’s important to him, lady love it.

When he gets emotional in her presence :

This makes ladies feel realistic about him, it makes ladies feel like a mother to him, it also make them believe that he’s not a pretender, and with that, they can think of believing him.


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