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Things ladies does that guys love

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Good looking is a great benefits for ladies to attract the attention of guys ( men ), of course, more than 80 % of guys wants to be seen with  gorgeous ladies But, a lady won’t be judged by her beauty alone but also by the content of her character.

So Baseberg has done their research and got some objective traits that are more important than beauty, they are listed below….👇👇👇

Smile often : It doesn’t make you more attractive alone, it also allows men to feel free with you, it also allows them to pour out 90% of what they have in mind to you and it makes them feel better.

Cooking skills : In the time of our parents and up till now, cooking is the best way of getting into a man’s heart, there’s a saying that ( the way to a man’s heart is his belly ), so my sister, go and learn how to cook.

Real and natural : If a lady is real and natural, she doesn’t try to be like someone else, she doesn’t pretend, men like those shit.

Accomplished and independent : Ladies that are are always been followed by many guys.

Submissive  and able to compromise : Men love this type of ladies and are willing to marry them if they are still dating.

Motherly attitude : After all, guys think about future which kids will be involved, so a guy will think that his lady should be able to take care of him and their kids.

Doesn’t complain : She correct him instead of complaining, some guys love that shit because some need someone to watch over them.

A lady who has this listed traits and potentials, no man would dare to lose her.

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