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My first kiss

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My First Kiss 

They said that first kisses are special, and they are for that certain special person,
Yes it but I lost it to someone, someone who’s not special to me, a certain bad boy, his name is Jake but he prefer been called “jax”, he was an egotistic conceited play boy slash bad boy, and if you are asking on how I lost it to him, his friend James playfully pushed him to me, and after a split second, our lips collided.
They said that when you experience your first kiss, at that moment, you will feel like the butterflies fluttering, the sparks flashing, but unfortunately for me, I felt nothing, as if it wasn’t something special.
Jax began following me after that scene, it was annoying but he actually thought things will change between us but no, the more I see him the more got irritated.
I was nobody and he was somebody, I ignored him after that incident until our graduation ceremony day. He went near me as I was walking away from him, but something kept telling me that I was scared to hear what he was about to say, though I’ve learned to love jax through during high school times, he was sweet and caring, something my father never did.
He waited for me, he was patient, “Hey… Ella,” he said on our graduation day, “Hi..jax,” I answered, deep down in me, I started having the feeling that he loves me.
I know that you aren’t ready, I totally understand, but I’m human, I can’t wait that long, I may be patient, I gets tired too, you can’t blame me, I’m deeply sorry for bugging you over that stupid kiss he said, scratching his brownish messy hair as he sai those words.
He just called that kiss……stupid. Why..? I said in my mind…
I nodded, trying to refrain the tears from falling…
It hurts… I mean it hurts to hear that….
He looked up and saw the tears in my eyes and he asked, why are you crying..?
I’m not crying it’s just that am scared…
Scared about what.. ? He asked…
Am scared of you playing me, I mean, you are popular, well known, handsome, people’s choice,
Every ladies dream, plus you have dumped a lot of girls in this institute so I don’t want to be pat of those girls you have dumped….that’s why I’m keeping my distance…
He smiled and said…
You are the only girl that tries to keep her distance from a handsome guy like me, unlike every other girls…
I see some qualities in you that makes me wanna be with you forever…..
I was happy to hear his lines.. and I agreed to his proposal..
And we enjoyed our relationship…..

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