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                             RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MOTHER AND SON

According to the life we are today, the relationship between a mother and her son is a big topic for journalist to write about for many years, the relationship between mother and son is a very special one, right from when he has started talking from childhood among all her children especially when he is her first child, there is always a strong connection between the mother and the kid right from when he was given birth to and that connection makes his mother becomes his first choice, the mother will always be free with her son in every way, even some things she cannot tell her husband, she will conceal it to her son cause she will always feel safe whenever she’s around him.

Another point is that, in this kind of picture, if the son is submissive to his mother and always listen to anything she says, he would always be her favorite and when the stage has come for the son to pursue a relationship towards other sex appropriately, the mother will always be there for him not to make mistakes, even when he does, as long as the mother is aware of it, there would be a real quick solution.

Another point I would love to draw you close to is that if a mother is actually present in the life of a son, to be successful won’t be a difficult thing for the child, I’m not saying that father is not important in the life picture of a son, but in most occasions, mother’s always been powerful in the life of most sons in this life we live in today. But finally both parent are very important in the life picture of a son.

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