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Things to consider before having free sex

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Five (5) things to consider before having free sex

What is free sex..?

Free sex is a common sexual mating act between a Male human and a female Human without marriage or any agreement of marriage.

According to our research , we found out that free sex is now being regarded to as a common and free act, and the expectation of most people from it is “ pleasure or fun, unwanted pregnancy and S.T.D”. But after we make more research about the topic ‘Free Sex’, we find out that those three expectation of people from it is not only the result of it, those three are just physical results of it, there is more result to it than we ever think, but because other spiritual effects of free sex doesn’t show or appear very fast, that’s the reason why most people actually think and call it free sex, some people will even say, no string attached, but there’s actually some stings attached.

Below are the lists of those things to consider before having free sex.

1. Physical effects

Part of our research was a woman we had a discussion with on this topic, she made mention of the physical effects of free sex along the discussion, saying that she has had experience of it and she observed it to be true, that when the sperm of the man has been deposited into the body of the woman, a little character or behavior of the both sex has been deposited into each other, it might take long before the change starts and might not observe it, she furtherly proved it, using herself as example that when her and her husband are still courting each other, they have sex and she observed that, automatically she started noticing some of his attitudes in her, like he doesn’t like talking too much, and after some time , she also started the same habit. There is more to it

2. Spiritual effects

Exodus 20 vs 14 says, thou shall not commit adultery.
Have you finished having sex with someone you are not legally married to, and after the sex you feel like something is missing, yes of cause!!!, whenever you have sex with someone you are not legally married to, automatically, something is being traded with something, there has been a spiritual exchange of something, especially when you don’t know his or her spiritual background, it might affect you in your way of life. Example, Hah, since when I have been sexing this lady, I’m always broke.
You might even be sharing the same spiritual encounter due to the fact that you are both sharing the same blood, blood is powerful.

3. Blackmailing

Some people actually get jealous easily, fine you both have fun together, thinking it’s a one night stand, but whenever they see you having an affair with another person, they get jealous due to the fact that you’ve both have something together before, they will suddenly decide to get you punished.

4. Regrets

During our research, we met a man that tells us his story, that he was having affair with a lady during his higher institute, and when they graduated, and after that, they departed and find their ways, so when the time comes for his junior sibling to get married, his junior sibling brought a lady to their parent for introduction, when he introduced the lady to his brother, it happened to be the lady he had affair with when he was in school, he was shocked to see the lady, but he couldn’t do anything about it since the introduction dates has been fixed and besides, the doesn’t want to destroy the happiness for his sibling so he kept silent, now the regret there is that whenever he sees the lady, he is not always happy, he always remembers the life he and the lady had lived in the past.

5. Addiction to infidelity

If you’re fun of having sex with someone you are not legally married to, you will be addicted to it to the extent that when you finally get married, it’s going to be hard for you to be fidelity in your marriage, because you are addicted to be having different tastes all the time, you might be feeling like exploring more.

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