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Hints on how to stop your spouse or fiance from nagging

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1. Arguement

Nagging isn’t a smart act, it’s an expression of bringing anger out of someone psychologically, Though anger may be justified and borne out of real concern for your partner, maybe your spouse does not want to quit a bad addiction or he or she has started it again, note this, Nagging won’t do it.
“People get so frustrated when people are continuously getting on their nerves by doing something they don’t want and they don’t feel that they can stop it so easily, so they just increase the rate of negative energy they apply towards the person, “In our research we’ve found out that it is the exact opposite of what they should have done.

2. Pronounce the positive in a good manner

What can we use, that will be more effective style for saying out human behaviour? Though you may want to scold your partner out for coming late, it is bad, don’t do it. Just overlook it. Then later, when you’re calm and you know that your partner is also calm to listen to a discussion, now tell them with love and cool tone, how much you feel about what happened recent. Emphasize it with love rather than anger, you’ll have a good chance of expressing your feelings together rather than tripping their hair with temper.

3. Don’t command, make requests instead.

Honey, please can you help me bring the car keys when you are coming out?’ it’s a request. It only becomes a command when you say “Don’t forget to bring the car keys when you are coming out” though it’s a normal style of talking to each other as a spouse, but if you have unsolved issues on ground before , the command might not stand or fulfilled, the person that made the command might feel been nagged at, And while being talked to like you’re a kid is annoying, what the person being nagged also may not understand is that the car keys symbolize a lot of sentimental weight.
“If after some times, the command isn’t being granted, the person being nagged at starts wondering why? Their mind start roaming ‘Does she love me. He’s lazy’. And then those turn into “can I even rely or depend on you..?, “you don’t even respect what I am saying” .
You should both consider how your partner feels when their feelings are ignored. See how easy it is to think of other people’s feelings!

4. If you are in control, “don’t showcase”

Even if you are the in charge or the controller of the family, there should be a limit to your power, you shouldn’t showcase or make it obvious all the time, especially when you’re having guests, other family members or neighbours around your surrounding, so that your spouse won’t feel overridden, and also that people won’t spot you as the controller of the family, and now later be disregarding your spouse like he or she is nothing…..

5. Have some fun together as a family

If you have not been together as a family for some period of time, then create or schedule a time fixed for dinner together, don’t bring back old mistakes as a remembrance, play with your spouse, add some (naughty talks in the middle if he or she is kind of), this may help calm the spirit of nagging in him or her,


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