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That moment you realize that love has no place in your relationship anymore.

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That moment you realize that love has no place in your relationship anymore, that’s when you know that the end will soon arrive.

●  What is Love.?

According to our dictionary, we found out that love is a profound and caring affection towards someone or A feeling of intense attraction towards someone. It’s a very strange thing that even No one can really give love a proper definition, because no two loves are the same. There is no stronger force on earth that would be such a mystery for all. They say that love Never and does dies. We are here to discuss some reasons why it does.

Some love dies through fake expectations. When you are in love, one tends to get such unrealistic expectations of the whole relationship. After all, there is no harm in putting your partner on a vase, there is a fine line between idealism and being blind to the entire thing. Remember that all those romantic films and novels have a one-dimensional feel to the characters and situations, even most of the are fictions, and your spouse is only human, that has weaknesses, meant to make mistakes, biases, and faults.

This is the beauty of true love, choosing to love someone despite all their bad parts. Fake expectations kills relationships if care is not taken. Firstly, expectations at times leads to disappointments when these expectations aren’t met. Unfulfilled expectations can then lead to feelings of shortage or inadequate character expected and betrayal, which may lead to relationship failure.

Love may die if it wasn’t built on a solid foundation of truth and trust. When love is built on the weak foundation of doubt and dishonesty, there is 87% assurance that it will collapse. Even great sexual chemistry isn’t solid enough for a foundation to withstand the challenges that your relationship may face. As strong as friendship may seems to be, it can’t be the only foundation to work on when talking about love.
Trust, truthfulness, respect, and honesty is what you need to get through love’s trials and challenges.

Betrayer can also kill love in a marriage. Trust is an expensive gift to have, and once you are been trusted by someone and you betrayed the person, it takes an extra miles of journey for the person to be able to trust you again. One should never expect it from cheap people. There’s a saying that *once a cheater will always be a cheater*. I have known what it was like to be with a cheater. I can tell you now that the experience is terrible and terrifying, and when one has been betrayed or cheated on, one gets a feeling that one can never trust anymore.

Don’t be too scared or afraid of losing your partner, you may lose love through FFEARFULNESS. We aren’t saying It’s not okay to be afraid of losing your partner but not too much, so you won’t be over protective, of cause no one prays to lose his or her partner. But the problem Comes when you’re so scared of losing that you end up doing something drastic to keep them around. Sometimes, holding on to your partner too tightly can make em to feel suffocated.

Of cause you will think you’re just doing your best and what it takes to hold your partner, but you will be surprised, how much people can observe fear and desperation. And when this moves into your relationship, you’ll find that love gets pushed to the side bar at the end.

Love dies because of old mistakes and old lies. There are some old wounds that never really heal. It could stem from the hurt of betrayal or disappointment. Some old wounds can lead to grudges and pent-up anger. When these old issues remain unresolved, it becomes problems, making the couple realize that their pain or anger, is stronger than the love they have for each other.


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