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The reason why you should give your child some attention, is to be able to listen to whatever challenge they are facing, but if you are not around for them to be able to tell you what they are going through, you won’t notice if they are harassed sexually, so here are some point gathered for you to notice if your child is been abused sexually.

  • Change in behavior
  • Excessive talk and different knowledge about sexual topics
  • Keeping quiet, not talking as usual
  • Not wanting to be alone with some people
  • Complaining
  • Wanting to spend much time alone
  • Emotionally change
  • Loosing of confidence about self
  • Increase in fear
  • Not wanting to be among crowds such as school, activities with friends

This signs listed above may be that your child is been sexually abused, and if you don’t find out in time, it myth get out of hands and hurt the life of the child, and the child myth blame you for it in the future.

MORAL: Give attention to your children, listen to them whenever they need you, ask them questions like (did anybody touch your private part, do you notice somebody is staring at you too much, did anybody tap your ass,), if you often ask them this kind of question, it myth give you clues to work on.

Secondly, don’t live your child to people you don’t trust to babysit, don’t allow your child to like someone that is not part of the family too much to the extent that when they hurt your child, your child won’t be able to report them to you due to the love they have for them, make sure whenever you are leaving your child to someone to babysit, dress for them decently, caution your child to stop using the F words, make sure you and your children are best of friends, with this, they won’t hesitate to tell you anything.

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