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Five (5) signs to notice your husband/fiance is cheating on you

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  • Five (5) signs to notice your husband/fiance is cheating on you


Meaning of marriage: Marriage is specifically a union between a man and a woman. It is believed to be a holy union of two individuals to share their lives as a couple and have a family together until death. But we live in the world where cheating, heartbreaks occur. And we have some physical signs for you that your husband is sleeping with someone else outside your marriage.

  1. Unusually busy

This could be one of the signs that he is participating in a secret affair outside your marriage. If normally, he gives you time and of late you find him acting busy this is a cause for concern. It is better to be cautious before it gets out of hand. If you notice he has started traveling suddenly more than he use to, for office work with no other professional reasons, it may be that not all of his trips or travels are for business. If you find out that when he returns after long of time or days and he is not excited and ready to take you to bed and do you as usual, it’s a signal he has been getting his sexual satisfaction from another woman. It could be as serious as going to a motel to meet his emmotional satisfaction. This is a perfect sign that he is sleeping with another woman


2. Unusual nights out

How you can tell if your husband is having affair with another woman? Well, if your spouse is not the type of person who has a many friends and he suddenly started having lot of friends, there could be something fishy going on. Try to find out who these friends are. If he takes different names and never introduces you to one, then it is a sign that he may be spending that time with another woman.


3. Started hiding things from you

If you find your spouse hiding things for you, telling lies and stops talking much, maybe he is having an affair going on, unless there is a celebration around the corner. If not, he is being secretive to avoid spilling out by mistake. It could also mean that he suddenly doesn’t confide in you about things he normally would or does not speak to you as much to satisfy his emotional wants.

4. Too much into his phone chatting

If your husband has suddenly seem to be addicted to his phone and you constantly find him chatting, it may be that he is chatting with another woman. You are, therefore, advised to take a look at his call history from unsaved numbers. He may be smart enough to be deleting all the messages. Or he is smart to save the number with a man’s name or one of his workers which you might not be able to find out. Cross check all of his social media accounts. He might be having different types of accounts on one social media. Another way to find out that he is chatting another woman may be that he is now wanting to be part with his phone and doesn’t let you touch it.


5. Smiling too much

If you feel like he is smiling too much or blushing before going to work and after coming late in the evening or after answering a phone call or text, ask him what he is so excited about ?. He may not tell you anything much, but may also not be able to give you strait answers. So if he is sleeping with another woman outside, he would come home in a excited and happy mood and you may catch him humming a song or two that relate to his previous activities.

You may also check his wallet, pores, or pockets. You might find a bill for a restaurant or a hotel or even a brand of cycles. This could be a sign for you. However, this may even count as intruding into his personal life, so unless you smell something fishy, do not take this step as it could destroy the trust in your marriage life.

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